Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Sandwiches at McDonald's

There has been a promotion in the Denver area lately that gives customers a coupon for a free Big Mac(R) or Egg McMuffin(R) if they have to wait in the drive-thru line for more than 3 minutes. Truly -- when do you NOT have to wait in the drive-thru line for more than 3 minutes?!

One of the ladies at work was given four of these free coupons because she has teenagers. BUT the coupons must used at one of three McDonald's locations on this side of town. She does not come by any of them on her way to/from work, and she lives on the other side of town. I drive right by one of these McDonald's every day on my way to work. So, she gave me the coupons. (Thanks!)

That means I can have four free breakfasts or lunches sometime before June 2012.

Today, that's how we're gonna do it!


  1. HEY!! Not fair. I'll trade you a pair of caffeine shorts for a BigMac. Or, how about, half a jar of belly button lint. Or, some smoked pork. Or, how about I paint your toes? I have a new paint brush, that has never been used.
    I could be really nice to some one you pick. Come on, share with me. I'd even (gulp) clean the bathroom. But that is my final offer.

  2. Silly boy! Of course I will share with you. I have four coupons: two for each of us.

    Oh, wait! I mean: If you will clean the bathroom and paint my toes, I will think about it.