Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guest blogger: Joannie, on water bottles

I brew sun tea every day, then take it to work so I have plenty to drink and don't have to pay for it. (Sonic treats excepted.) Here's what my friend, Joannie, does.

This guest post is courtesy my friend Joannie. (Thanks, Joannie!)

You are probably familiar with the new plastic cups that Starbucks invented (but failed to patent) and now EVERYBODY sells. The ones where they have the screw on lids and plastic straw are washable and reusable, are clear or come in see thru colors or patterns. Well, Target and BB and Beyond has them for an inflated price of like $12.99, but TJ Maxx has them for $4.00 and I would bet Big Lots has them cheap too.

So we bought a couple of them (the Aladdin brand is dishwasher safe, but other brands are not). We make our own ‘to go’ drinks at home and not spend the inflated cost for soda, tea, etc. at McD's and other places.

The glasses somehow have that fun ‘just bought it’ feeling, but being reusable helps keep our expenses down, plus we can now take our to-go glasses so many places we didn't before, like dancing, filled with homemade sweet tea. Yeah, I know – really no different than the old water bottles, but because of the screw on lid and straw, it just makes is so much more fun!

Before these cute glasses, we’d be going dancing and say "oh, let’s stop and buy a sweet tea to take to dancing," then when we pull up the cheeseburger aroma would waft into our car and we’d leave McD’s about $10.00 lighter!

Water bottles just don’t do it for me, they are all athletic-ly and make me think of drinking something because you have worked up a sweat, so I pass on the water bottle thingys.

I am sure you have seen these glasses, but on the outside chance you havent, let me know and I will take a picture of the glass of water I brougt from home today. Our home water is soooo much better than office water. And now I am Miss Technology with my new smart phone……sometimes.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass on the suggestion of a way to not spend. You use your coworker’s McD. coupon and bring your own drink in a snazzy cup and smile that lunch is totally free!

Take care, joannie

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